You can seemingly do everything online these days. You can do all your banking with a few taps of your phone. Today, we will look at the process of creating an online will, what it needs to include, and whom to trust.


Can I write my will online?

The answer is yes! At Bequest, we have a straightforward and intuitive platform to help you do just that.

What do online will writing services do?

You’ll see many companies say they can write wills online, but what does that mean? The process can include answering some predetermined questions to formulate a will and send it to you. Often this process is fully automated, and you’ll never actually speak to any legal advisor.

While you may find that this type of online will can save you time, at Bequest, we want to make sure that it’s so much more than that. We want it to be a personal experience, based on your specific needs, at this particular time in your life. Our partners, JPEP, check every will, and if there are any changes to be made, you will receive a call.

Writing your own will

If you don’t need expert help, you can use templates with a reasonably standardised structure. However there are some important things you need to do to ensure the will is legal.

Getting expert help

There are a few reasons why you might want to speak to a reputable solicitor or will writer (or us!). Make sure you do your homework, find their ratings, and trust those you pick.

Below are some of the more complicated matters that could arise, where having some expert advice might be helpful.

Additional Advice:

Your estate is everything you own, including shares, high-value possessions, and vehicles, along with the more obvious items such as property and cash.

Determine how it will split between your loved ones. It would help if you were very specific about what you’re leaving, leaving no room for confusion.

Appoint an executor who will carry out the wishes of your will; this could be a partner or the eldest child, but you should choose the most suitable person for the role. The structure to follow is relatively simple, and we’ve written a step-by-step guide on DIY wills for you to read; click here.

Should I use an online will service?

We think it’s the wisest decision you’ll make today. And we have experts willing to help guide you through every step of the process. You can start your will with us here; we offer different will packages, from Starter to Inherit.

Do you think you’ll give an online will ago? Hopefully, you feel a little more informed about getting an online will that works for you whatever choice you make.

No nonsense life cover is just a few minutes.

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