Living an eco-friendly life isn’t just reusable water bottles, metal straws, and bamboo toothbrushes, there are plenty of more ways to instil habits that help the planet. Including elements of sustainability into our day-to-day lives is a must; this article is going to give you some ways that you can live a little greener. You and your family can make a difference.

So without further ado, here are 7 ways to live a more sustainable life.

7 ways to live a more sustainable life
1. De-clutter your inbox

Every email stored in your inbox is using up energy. Did you know that the average spam email produces 0.3g of carbon dioxide and emails with attachments produce 50g? Whether you’re someone who meticulously keeps on top of their emails or your inbox is overflowing with unread newsletters you signed up for years ago, they all get stored on the cloud which requires electricity. Unfortunately, 38.5% of electricity is still powered by fossil fuels in the UK. So, now is the time to delete any unimportant emails that are cluttering up your inbox and think before you sign up to that mailing list. Will you even read it?

2. Go paper-free

From trees being cut down at the start of their life to being burned at the end, paper is super damaging to the environment. By taking your life admin online, you’ll skip out on the endless paper forms and in turn, be making a change for the planet! At Bequest, all of our services are online (besides currently having to print your will of course). Not only are we helping to reduce paper waste, but we’re also helping you get and stay organised with all the important stuff by keeping it all in one manageable place.

3. Be a conscious consumer

It’s no secret that we live in a throwaway society; by becoming more conscious about what you choose to buy, you’re helping the planet and your savings. We aren’t telling you to stop spending altogether, but rather think about where your money is going. It may require a little bit of research into the companies you’re buying from to see if their values include sustainability, but we guarantee it will be better for the planet and your bank balance in the long run.

4. Cut down on the meat

Eating less meat is recently known to be one of the most beneficial habits we can have to help climate change. Whether you go full-on veggie or go meat-free for one day a week, it all helps. There are endless veggie options now, it’s undeniably easy to make the change. Not only can it significantly lower your personal greenhouse gas emissions, but it can also help to keep your health in check!

5. Shop local

By shopping locally, you reduce the carbon footprint created by your clothing, food and so many other things. With lower food miles, locally sourced clothing and food cuts down on fuel consumption and air pollution due to the fact that it hasn’t had to be shipped or flown in. Buying your food locally also means it hasn’t had to be refrigerated during its travels, meaning it hasn’t accounted for huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also the perfect way to support your local economy!

6. Reusable tea bags

With over 100,000,000 cups of tea being drunk in the UK every day, it’s safe to say we Brits love a brew. However, most teabags contain up to 25% plastic. Don’t panic, there are many ways around this! We suggest either choosing plastic-free tea bags or investing in a loose-leaf strainer.

7. Clean cleaner

While they might smell nice, household cleaning products are some of the biggest culprits for polluting streams and rivers with harmful chemicals. By choosing cleaning supplies with less packaging (you could simply buy in bulk), you can reduce your single-use plastic intake. There are also many eco-friendly alternatives available, it’s easy to avoid toxic ingredients by reading the labels, and if you want to get creative, you can even look up some home remedies.

Sustainability and eco-living at Bequest

At Bequest, we are committing to do our bit for the planet. Not only do we save on paper by having our all-of-life admin online, but we’re also planting 1 tree for every life insurance policy sold with Just One Tree, supported by Eden Reforestation Project. No matter your situation, there’s always room to make changes, big or small. We’re also the first life insurer in Europe to be B-Corp certified.

No nonsense life cover is just a few minutes.

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