What is a will?

A will is a legal document that describes the wishes for your estate when you pass away. This includes your money, property, and possessions.

Why should I write a will?

There are several reasons to write a will, from ensuring that your family is taken care of financially, to choosing your child’s guardian. Check out our article on why you should write a will to find out more.

What happens to my estate if I don’t write a will?

If you die without a will, your estate will fall under the rules of intestacy. This means that the law decides who gets what and how much. Non-legal relationships aren’t recognised, which means that your partner and friends will not receive anything. And if you die with no close relatives, everything will go to the government.

How much does writing a will cost?

At Bequest, we have three options:

  1. Starter (£59): print-at-home will to sign and keep yourself. (If you choose this option, check out our article on the best places to store your will)
  2. Grow (£89): professionally printed, bound, and delivered. Sign it and return it to us to check and store for you. Uploading it into the National Will Registry is also included
  3. Inherit (£399): Everything in Grow, plus create a Trust to help complex situations and protect your estate against tax.

*It could take up to 14 days to get your Starter will and we will let you know as soon as it’s ready. Or skip the wait. Your ‘Grow Will’ will be written and checked within 5 days and sent out to you as soon as it is written.

Can I make changes to my will?

Yes! We believe in a will that changes with you and your loved ones.

You can buy our £9/year subscription and make one change per year or, without the subscription it costs the original price of your will package to make a one-off change.

Where must I live to get a will with Bequest?

To get a will with us, you must currently live in The United Kingdom. (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland).

No nonsense life cover is just a few minutes.

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