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You can't rely on paper
in a pixel world.

Organize your assets and memories to prevent loss and simplify administration, ensuring your family faces no burdens during a difficult time.

How It Works

The smart, easy way to ensure your digital account planning is complete and effective.


Connect your accounts

Securely connect your digital accounts and wallets to Bequest. Powered by military-grade encryption so you never give up privacy or control.


Yield the Plan

Fill in our forms, upload documents, and add beneficiaries to make the plan actionable. This can be done by yourself or a professional depending on the complexity.


Administration Made Easy

A fiduciary will present documents to Bequest for review. Once approved, the fiduciary will gain secure access to administration functions and will be required to comply with the plan set in place.

Supported Digital Assets

Email Accounts

All email providers are supported. Create custom filters to maintain privacy. Your email is extremely important for administration, password-sharing is not a reliable option.


We support all wallet types (hot, cold, custodial, self-custodied, MPC) with the world's first trustless planning and management solution. Your fiduciary will only be able to comply with your plan.


iCloud and Google Photos do not cover the majority of your pictures. Make sure all of your memories are passed on. Create filters to maintain privacy.

Digital Documents

Store all your important documents with fine-grained access control.


Store important credentials like passwords, social media logins, and other sensitive information alongside instructions for your fiduciary to manage them.

Loyalty Points and Domain Names

Loyalty points and domain names can be valuable but are easily forgotten in estate plans.



Up to 2 email or photo accounts

Up to 3 documents


Unlimited email or photo accounts

Unlimited document storage

Unlimited credential storage

Cryptocurrency planning


All Pro features

Loyalty Points Planning

Domain Name Planning

White-glove onboarding and support

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